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Gloucester, United Kingdom







Our goal is to realize the unreal world.

This project is an executable, standalone Windows application containing full presentation of four independent photo-realistic scenes displaying offices in the centers of four different cities. 


The main purpose of this creation was to show an exact look of an office building with an accurate surrounding of the city so someone can deeply explore the location even if it's not build yet.

Archviz real-time App in Unreal Engine [Show Off]


The app is programmed to be controlled by Xbox controller with the backup of computer keyboard. The point was to have an interaction with customer while showing and describing buildings. We are starting from the location of the city in the country, than location of an investment on the city map (customer can clearly see how the correlations with main places in the city looks like).

From that point we are going straight to the visualization of the building and it's specifications. Here you can choose the "Virtual Walk" which brings you straight to the building, where you can walk real-time in photo-realistic environment (to see the design of the office or lobby with the exact panorama view from the windows, where the real-world, 360 degrees panoramas were applied thanks to provided photos from Drones, which were taken on exact level of the future office).

You can choose also the "Movie" button to show cinematic shots taken straight from Unreal Engine scene through the Sequencer and Cinematic Cameras.


This presentation movie shows the navigation to virtual walks and navigation to cinematic movies.

At the very end is segment quickly showing all the scenes in the Unreal® Engine 4 Editor while displaying the frame-rate in the Editor.


Programmed steering:

  • App navigation: preferable mouse (optional Xbox controller)

  • Virtual walk navigation: preferable Xbox controller (optional mouse + keyboard)


The app can be fully navigate exclusively by Xbox controller or only mouse + keyboard set up (you can choose and navigate independent by those)