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Gloucester, United Kingdom

We are focused on Virtual Reality and Real Time architectural and industrial visualizations.

By providing high end photo-realistic and interactive projects we are the part of the future of our industry.


Game engines have almost limitless possibilities when it comes to show all aspects of the designed area. Once we move standard model to engine's environment, we can generate tones of photo-realistic videos, 360 panoramas, 360 stereoscopic images and stills, as well as Virtual Reality interactive scene,  which allows you to fill the design in the highest level. 

Visit our World. Feel free to explore VRooGO and contact us with any questions, comments, or virtual reality quests.





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Highlights of VRooGO


We are passionate about exploring innovative aesthetic and narrative forms of Virtual Reality. Our main goal is to get rid of all those barriers between the design and the observer.

Learn more about how VR is being used in architecture and design.


Use the application on your trade shows and by your sales agents. The natural feel of the non existing office should encourage the visitors to buy it. Prepared for quality project showed in the lights of the newest technology.

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projects we’ve been involved in.

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